Wood Lineage from Sussex, England

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The Family Tree

Descendants of the Wood line from Sussex, England

Generations No. 1 and No. 2 are in dispute so they have been removed until source documents can be found.

Generation No. 3

3. THOMAS WOOD (WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 6, April 1653. He married MARY BOWYER 02 May 1682 in Brighton,  Sussex, England.

Child of THOMAS WOOD and MARY BOWYER is: William Wood, b. Abt. 1694, Buxted, Sussex, England.

Generation No. 4

4. WILLIAM WOOD (THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born Abt. 20 May 1692 in Buxted, Sussex, England. He married MARY HOPE 29 September 1719 in Buxted, Sussex.

More About WILLIAM WOOD:Baptism: 25 December 1694, Burwash,Sussex,England

Child of WILLIAM WOOD and MARY HOPE is: Thomas Wood.

Generation No. 5

5. THOMAS WOOD (WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) He married ANN BANNISTER 16 April 1745 in Mayfield, East Sussex.

Child of THOMAS WOOD and ANN BANNISTER is: Thomas Wood.

Generation No. 6

6. THOMAS WOOD (THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) He married SARAH SKYNNE 02 February 1780 in Buxted, Sussex.

More About THOMAS WOOD:Baptism: 08 October 1758

Child of THOMAS WOOD and SARAH SKYNNE is: Samuel Wood, b. Bet. 1782 - 1788, Buxted , Sussex, England; d. 16 March 1865, Ditchling workhouse.


7. SAMUEL WOOD (THOMAS, THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born Bet. 1782 - 1788 in Buxted , Sussex, England, and died 16 March 1865 in Ditchling
workhouse. He married ELIZABETH EVEREST 29 June 1817 in St. Michaels, Withyham,Sussex, England, daughter of JOHN EVEREST and HANNAH WARD. She was born Bet. 1796 - 18 August 1799 in Parish of Withyham or Willingham, Co. of Sussex, England, and died Bef. 1861.

Notes for SAMUEL WOOD:
Researcher John Oliphant found a Samuel Wood, age 82 who died in the Ditchling workhouse 12/21/1865. John believes this to be our Samuel as the age would be correct and no other death record was found.

The 1841 Ringmer census was the last census listing any of the Samuel Wood family. No records were found in Sussex in 1851. The 1861 census for Ringmer and Fontmell Magna
turned up no Samuel Wood family members.

An Alfred Wood, age 18, cordwainer and George Wood, age 11, scholar appear in Fletching parish, East Sussex in the 1851 census. A James Wood, age 15 is listed in Warbleton as an agricultural labourer. A second James, age 8,( more likely Samuel's son) was buried in Ringmer parish on October 29, 1844

The name " Wood " is derived from the Old English word; wudu, meaning wood. The name was given to those who worked with wood or lived near woods.

The name Wood was especially common in Yorkshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Notts, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Kent and Sussex. The spelling of the name stabilized by the 15th century but the name has been around in one form or another for much longer. Records dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries mention "de la Wode", " del Woode", "at Wode", and " del Wood ". The roots of the name go back even much farther, though. Woden (Odin) was the main God of the ancient Britons who lived in England at the time of the Roman conquest prior to the birth of Christ. Woden lived in the heavens but was thought to manifest himself in trees, particularly old large oak trees. The ancient Britons
painted themselves in blue (wode), the sacred color of Woden and worshiped at the sacred oak trees in pagan rites of the Druid religion. This information comes from the
Wood Family History, published in 1973 by the American Genealogical Research Institute.

Per 1840 tithe award, Samuel and Elizabeth resided Delves Estate and garden # 417. This was a cir 1800 brick two-bed cottage called Chamberlaines, standing on its own in a field north of Ashton Green.

Per the 1861 census, Samuel was living in the Ditchling Workhouse and a widower so Elizabeth died prior to 1861.

Census: 1841, Ashton Green,Ringmer, Sussex, England
Occupation: 1841, Ag. Labourer per Ringmer census
Resided: 1840, Delves Estate & garden #417, Ashton Green
Residence: 1851, 25 Dorset Street, Brighton, Sussex,England

Christening: 13 August 1820


i. Elizabeth Everest Wood, b. 1819, Parish of Withyham, Co. of Sussex, England.

More About Elizabeth Everest Wood:
Baptism: 13 August 1820, Saint Michaels,Parish of Withyham, Co. of Sussex, England

ii. Mary Wood, b. 1820, Ringmer, Sussex, England.

iii. Samuel Wood, Jr., b. Bef. 1824, Withyham, Sussex, England.
More About Samuel Wood, Jr.:
Baptism: 20 August 1826, Samuel & siblings Sarah and Edward baptised same day in Ringmer

iv. Sarah Anne Wood, b. 1824, Ringmer, Sussex, England; m. George Briggs.
More About Sarah Anne Wood:
Baptism: 20 August 1826, Ringmer, Sussex, England

v. Edward Wood, b. 1826, Ringmer, Sussex, England.
More About Edward Wood:
Baptism: 20 August 1826, Ringmer, Sussex, England
Christening: 1826, Withyham, Sussex, England

vi. John Wood, b. Bef. 20 August 1826, Parish of Withyham, Co. of Sussex, England.
More About John Wood:
Baptism: 20 August 1826, Saint Michaels, Parish of Withyham, Co. of Sussex, England

vii. Caroline Wood, b. 1830, Ringmer, Sussex, England.
More About Caroline Wood:
Baptism: 17 January 1830, Ringmer, Sussex, England
Occupation: 1851, Dressmaker/Brighthelmston(e), the old name for Brighton

viii. Eliza Wood, b. Bef. 13 May 1832, Ringmer, Sussex, England.
More About Eliza Wood:
Christening: 13 May 1832, Withyham, Sussex, England

ix. Alfred Wood, b. 1834, Ringmer, Sussex, England.

x. James A. Wood, b. 04 September 1836, Ringmer, Sussex, England; d. 29 October 1844, Ringmer parish, East Sussex,

xi. George Everest Wood, b. 22 December 1839, Ringmer or Rinchers, Sussex, England; d. 23 July 1924, Hillsdale Co. Mich.

Generation No. 8

8. MARY WOOD (SAMUEL, THOMAS, THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 1820 in Ringmer, Sussex, England. She married SAMUEL BRISTOW. He was born
1801 in Framfield or Jeantfield, East Sussex, England.

Occupation: 1881, General shop keeper
Resided: 1851, 27 George St, Kemp Town, Brighton, East Sussex, England

Children of MARY WOOD and SAMUEL BRISTOW are:

i. Elizabeth Beckett Wood, b. 1841, Ringmer, Sussex, England.
More About Elizabeth Beckett Wood:
Baptism: 23 May 1841, Ringmer, Sussex, England

ii. Samuel Bristow, b. 1848, Brighton, East Sussex, England.

iii. William Bristow, b. 1850, Brighton, East Sussex, England; m. Emma ?; b. London Marylebone.
More About William Bristow:
Occupation: 1881, Fish Dealer
Resided: 1881, 18 Tower St. Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

More About Emma ?:
Occupation: 1881, Laundress

9. ALFRED WOOD (SAMUEL, THOMAS, THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 1834 in Ringmer, Sussex, England. He married ANN GILLMON 24 December 1855 in St. Nicholes Church, Brighton, Sussex, England. She was born 1835 in Handover, Hampshire, England.

Baptism: 04 May 1834
Census: 1881, Maresfield, Sussex, England
Occupation: 1881, Butcher


i. Isaac Wood, b. Abt. 1863, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

10. GEORGE EVEREST WOOD (SAMUEL, THOMAS, THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 22 December 1839 in Ringmer or Rinchers, Sussex, England, and died 23 July 1924 in Hillsdale Co. Mich. He married (1) MARY ANN TUFFIN 1871, daughter of JAMES TUFFIN and MARY POLDEN. She was born 22 May 1839 in Fontemell Magna, Dorsett, England, and died 09 December 1909 in New Philadelphia, Ohio. He married (2)
MARY PENROD 02 November 1910, daughter of ISAAC PENROD and NANCY MIZER. She was born 01 December 1843 in Ragersville, Ohio, and died 27 October 1916 in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

See the 1880 Ohio,Tusc Co. ,Goshen Twp. census for children info.
Index to Hillsdale Co. Deaths, George E. Wood 1924, vol C, Page 262. Clerk of Courts 517-437-3391

Baptism: 23 February 1840
Census: February 1920, Woodbridge twp., Hillsdale Co., Michigan
Immigration: Bet. 1870 - 1874, England
Naturalization: 09 October 1880
Occupation: 1880, Coal miner
Resided: 27 October 1916, 150 S. 11th St. New Philadelphia, Ohio

Per the 1900 census Mary had mothered 13 children with 6 still living. The 1870 census
of Schuykill County dated 6, July North Ward Borough ??? shows Mary and three children
Victoria, Elizabeth and Richard, along with husband James, age 30.

Burial: 11 December 1909, East Avenue Cemetery, New Philadelphia Ohio section 3, plot 133
Cause of Death: Diabetes Mellitus
Emigration: 1872
Funeral: 11 December 1909, Gintz Co. New Philadelphia, Ohio
Immigration: 25 October 1869, S.S. Nevada from Liverpool to New York
Residence: 06 July 1870, Schuylkill Co., Pennsylvania

Burial: Jerusalem Cemetery,
Cause of Death: cerebral hemorrhage
Medical Information: Dr. Josh Blickendorhfer

Children of GEORGE WOOD and MARY TUFFIN are:

i. Jane I. Wood, b. 1876, Ohio; d. 1929, Hillsdale Co. Mich.

ii. George Emerson Wood, b. 07 March 1877, New Philadelphia, Ohio; d. 02 November 1918, Niles, Trumbull Co., Ohio.

iii. A. Ellen Wood, b. 07 October 1879, Furnaceville, Salem Twp.,Tuscarawas Co., Ohio; m. L. Kaufman.
More About L. Kaufman:
Resided: 1909, Bryan, Williams Co., Ohio

Generation No. 9

11. SAMUEL BRISTOW (MARY WOOD, SAMUEL, THOMAS, THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 1848 in Brighton, East Sussex, England. He married LUCY EDWARDS 1867 in Brighton, East Sussex, England.

Occupation: 1881, General Carpenter


i. Samuel Bristow, b. 1870, Winchester, Hampshire, England.

ii. William Bristow, b. 1882, Buxted, Sussex, England.

iii. George Bristow, b. 1886, Buxted, Sussex, England.

12. JANE I. WOOD (GEORGE EVEREST, SAMUEL, THOMAS, THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 1876 in Ohio, and died 1929 in Hillsdale Co. Mich. She married (1) ? BROWN. She married (2) DANIEL KAUFMAN. He was born 1875 in Ohio, and died 1949 in West Woodbridge Cemetery, Hillsdale Co., Michigan.

More About JANE I. WOOD:
Burial: West Woodbridge Cemetery, Hillsdale Co., Michigan

Children of JANE WOOD and ? BROWN are:

i. Ruby M. Brown, b. Abt. 1900.

ii. William N. Brown, b. Abt. 1901, Ohio.

13. GEORGE EMERSON WOOD (GEORGE EVEREST, SAMUEL, THOMAS, THOMAS, WILLIAM,THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 07 March 1877 in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and died 02 November 1918 in Niles, Trumbull Co., Ohio. He married ANNA MAY GREEN 10 November 1897 in Cert # 22427, doc. 9/10 1888-1899 tape/5, daughter of JOHN GREEN and JANE CHRISMAN. She was born 15 May 1877 in Uhrichsville, Ohio, and died 21 November 1955 in Allen Lane Rest Home,.

Burial: 04 November 1918, Union Cemetery, Niles Ohio/ Sec-G, Lot-66
Cause of Death: Spanish Influenza / Labor Pneumonia
Medical Information: Was ill just three weeks. He was one of 20 million plus who died from the Influenza outbreak.
Occupation: 1917, Laborer, Mahoning Valley Steel, McKee Lane, Niles, Ohio
Resided: 1917, Goshen Twp., New Philadelphia, Oh.


Burial: 25 November 1955, Dover Burial Park, Dover, Ohio
Cause of Death: Arteriosclerosis
Funeral: 25 November 1955, New Philadelphia, Oh.
Religion: New Philadelphia First Baptist Church
Resided: 1921, 606 Race St. Dover, Ohio
Residence: 1920, niles, Weatherfield Twp., Ohio

Children of GEORGE WOOD and ANNA GREEN are:

i. Minnie B. Wood, b. 24 December 1894, New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio; d. 11 January 1945.

ii. Mary Jane Wood, b. 30 October 1898, New Philadelphia,Ohio.

iii. Clifford George Wood, b. 03 February 1900, New Philadelphia,Ohio; d. 31 December 1963, Parma, Ohio.

iv. Oliver Harry Wood, b. 19 June 1905, New Philadelphia, Ohio; d. 20 August 1961, New Philadelphia, Ohio.
v. Richard Sylvester Wood, b. 22 March 1908, New Philadelphia, Ohio; d. 02 July 1978; m. (1) Elsie Anderson; m. (2) ?; m. (3) Elizabeth E. Goss; b. 16 May 1908, Guernsey Co., Ohio; d. 21 September 1976.

More About Richard Sylvester Wood:
Alias: Chip
Burial: 07 July 1978, Ridgecrest Memory Gardens, Dover Ohio Garden of Cross, lot 137a, grave #1
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Funeral: 07 July 1978, New Philadelphia, Oh.
Occupation: 23 November 1936, The Reeves Mfg. Co. Dover, Oh. Resided: Dover, Oh.

Notes for Elsie Anderson:
Elsie married three times. She first married Pappy Cramer, then Richard. Her third husbands name is unknown.

More About Elizabeth E. Goss:
Burial: Ridgecrest Memory Gardens

vi. Russell Emerson Wood, b. 03 August 1902; d. 18 March 1985, Doctors Hospital, Massillon Ohio.

Generation No. 10

14. WILLIAM N. BROWN (JANE I. WOOD, GEORGE EVEREST, SAMUEL, THOMAS, THOMAS,WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born Abt. 1901 in Ohio. He married CLARA S. ?. She was born in Michigan.

Child of WILLIAM BROWN and CLARA ? is:

i. Donald E. Brown, b. Abt. 1926, Ohio.

15. MINNIE B.WOOD (GEORGE EMERSON, GEORGE EVEREST, SAMUEL, THOMAS, THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 24 December 1894 in New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, and died 11 January 1945. She married HAROLD D.
GORDON 28 March 1914, son of JEROME GORDON and HARRIET KURTZ. He was born 07 November 1893 in Franklin Twp., Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, and died 30 August 1952.

More About MINNIE B. WOOD:
Burial: Dover Burial Park, Dover, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio

Since the original spelling of this old family name was deGordon, undoubtedly the family came from France during the time of the Norman invasion in 1066. The name was derived from the Scottish word meaning a wedge shaped hill.

One of the most prominent members of this family was Richard deGordon who attained many distinctions during the reigns of King Malcolm the Fourth and King William the Lion.

One of the earliest settlers bearing the Gordon name was James Gordon who made his home in Kent County, Delaware where he died in 1740.

The beginning of the Gordon family can be traced to James Samuel Gordon born ca. 1753-1754 in Scotland. He came to America as an indentured servant for 6 months to Edmond
Milne in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 2, 1772. James fought in the Revolutionary War after which he obtained land in Bedford County, Pa. He married Ellenor Dunbar and
they raised five children: Elizabeth who married John Kenton; Mary Ann who never married and who inherited the farm for taking care of her parents in old age; James Jr.
who married Jane Bowen; George and Hannah who married Daniel Clark. All lived and died in Bedford County.

James Sr. died between July 21, 1818 and July 31, 1818. No death record has been found for his wife Ellenor but by using the census it appears she died between 1830 and 1840.

James Jr. married Jane Bowen on February 27, 1798. She was the daughter of Quaker parents, Jonathan Bowen and Ann Blackburn of Bedford County. James Jr. died in 1813
leaving Jane with five children to raise: Elizabeth who married John Smith; Martha who married John W. Hammer; a daughter who died before 1821; Jane who married twice.
The second marriage was to Thomas Griffith. She died in 1840; the last child being Jeremiah.

Our direct line continues with Jeremiah, who was born July 9, 1811. He married Jane Smith, daughter of Quaker parents Thomas Smith and Pheobe White, on March 31, 1836.
Jeremiah was a carpenter who fought in the Civil War and spent his entire life in Bedford County. Jeremiah died on September 13, 1881 and Jane died on November 15, 1895.
They are buried in the Brethren Cemetery, Fishertown, Pa. All told they raised ten children: Anneta born December 15, 1836 and died January 6, 1841; James S. born April
25, 1838. He married Anna Wertman on September 19, 1861 and he died December 25, 1881; Emily born September 25, 1840, married Chauncey Keller on November 30, 1862
and died on June 17, 1908; Naomi D. born November 15, 1842. She married Adam Beltz on August 26, 1860. She married a second time to Darwin P. Wright and she died May 10,
1931; Leah J. born August 29, 1844 and Married twice first to George W. Harbaugh and second to Joseph Harris; Oliver Robinet born March 1, 1846 and died October 2, 1870;
George W. born September 12, 1847 and died May 26, 1853; Lucetta M. born September 29, 1849, married Jeremiah L. Hoover. She died March 25, 1887; Agnes A. born July 4,
1851; Lorenzo Madden born October 30, 1853. He married Margaret Adams.

The line continues with James S. who must have fell in love with Anna Wertman at a very young age since she and her parents moved to Tuscarawas County, Ohio when she was
only 12 years old. James married Anna in Strasburg, Ohio on September 19, 1861. Because James' father, Jeremiah, was fighting in the Civil War when they were married
James and his bride returned to Bedford County to become head of the Gordon household. James and Anna had their first child on August 20, 1862, Elias Ellsworth Gordon.

James found himself drafted into the Civil War on October 16, 1862 ( Company 1, 171st Reg. of the Pennsylvania Militia. He was later discharged on August 8, 1863 having been promoted to 2nd Sergeant. After the war James brought his young family back to Tuscarawas County where they lived the remainder of their lives. James and his sons were all carpenters who helped build the city of Dover. James died on December 25, 1881 in Pennsylvania, having traveled there to take care of his deceased father's estate. Anna
died October 25, 1922 . James and Anna are buried in Bunker Hill Cemetery in Winfield, Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

Burial: Dover Burial Park, Dover, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio

Children of MINNIE WOOD and HAROLD GORDON are:

i. Eunice Mardel11 Gordon, b. 08 November 1916; d. 02 February 1991.

ii. Thalia Mae Gordon, b. 03 February 1918; d. 19 January 1990.

16. MARY JANE WOOD (GEORGE EMERSON, GEORGE EVEREST, SAMUEL, THOMAS, THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 30 October 1898 in New Philadelphia,Ohio. She married GEORGE BURNETT 27 December 1918. He was born in Ohio, and died February 1978 in Phoenix, Arizona.

George and Mary had two children, both boys. Late in life George and boys relocated to Arizona.

Margaret Angus stated that George had changed the spelling of his name and that Mary had died young while living in the Cleveland area.

Resided: Cleveland, Oh.

The children of MARY WOOD and GEORGE BURNETT are:

i. George11 Burnett.
ii. John Burnett.

17. CLIFFORD GEORGE WOOD (GEORGE EMERSON, GEORGE EVEREST, SAMUEL, THOMAS, THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 03 February 1900 in New Philadelphia,Ohio, and died 31 December 1963 in Parma, Ohio. He married (1) MARY
ELIZABETH MCGOWAN Bef. 1922. She was born 22 May 1903. He married (2) EVELYN FERROLL FORSEBERG 14 November 1925 in pos. Niles, Trumbull Co., Ohio, daughter of JOHN FORSBERG and ALMA ?. She was born 15 January 1904 in Cane, Pennsylvania, and died 05 January 1992.

Burial: Mausolem, Brooklyn Hgts. Cemetery, 4700 Broadview Rd. Cleveland, Ohio
Military service: 1918, France
Occupation: Jones & Laughlin Steel
Resided: 21 July 1952, 6851 Oakwood Dr. Parma Hgts., Oh.


i. George Edgar Wood, b. 25 December 1922; d. 01 May 2002, Ravenna Community Hospital.

ii. Gloria11 Wood, b. 10 September 1926.

iii. Phyllis Wood, b. 22 May 1928.

iv. Eileen Wood, b. 29 November 1929.

18. OLIVER HARRY WOOD (GEORGE EMERSON, GEORGE EVEREST, SAMUEL, THOMAS, THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 19 June 1905 in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and died 20 August 1961 in New Philadelphia, Ohio. He married
CALLIE HELEN FROELICH 17 April 1924 in Reform Parsonage New Phila, Ohio, daughter of GUSTAVUS FROELICH and MARGARETHA HOTHEM. She was born 27 July 1903 in Bakersville,
Tuscarawas Co. Ohio, and died 07 August 1961 in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Oliver and Callie were married by Rev. W. W. Foust. They resided at 305 Regent St. Dover, Ohio
Burial: 23 August 1961, Dover Burial Park, Dover, Ohio
Occupation: Bet. 1950 - 1961, Factory worker/Reeves Steel
Resided: Bet. 1922 - 1926, 305 Regent St. Dover, Ohio

Burial: 10 August 1961, Dover Burial Park, Dover, Ohio
Confirmation: 29 October 1916
Occupation: Nurses Aid


i. Margaret May11 Wood, b. 03 September 1924.

ii. ? Wood, b. 02 August 1925, Dover,Ohio; d. 02 August 1925, Dover,Ohio. Burial: Maple Grove Cemetery, Dover, Ohio

iii Robert C. Wood

b. 14 June 1927, Dover, Ohio; d. 06 November 2003, Dover, Ohio; m. Jeannette Lillian Stephens, 19 May 1951, New Philadelphia, Ohio; b. 23 February 1929, Amsterdam, Ohio.

Notes for Robert Charles Wood:

Robert served 16mths in the Navy on the U. S. Midway. His job was attending the anchor.

More About Robert Charles Wood:Burial-Dover Burial Park, Dover, Ohio
Military service: 1945, Navy/1st Division-anchor/40mm guns
Occupation: 1944, Press Operator
Resided: 1955, 130 9th St. SW New Philadelphia, Ohio
Residence: 1963, Winkler Addition New Philadelphia, Ohio
Retirement: 01 April 1990, Union Camp Dover, Oh.

Notes for Jeannette Lillian Stephens: Adeline, Jeannette's mother, went to a neighbor and requested a Doctor be summonsed as she was in labor. The neighbor telephoned a Doctor, who asked if Adeline was in "Hard Labor". The neighbor indicated "No" so the Doctor took his time getting to the house. In fact, the Doctor went rabbit hunting on his way out to the house. By the time he arrived Jeannette had already been delivered. Not only did the good Doctor fail to make the birth, he, according to Jeanette, he provided the Department of Health with the wrong name. The doctor gave the Health Department the name - Janet Lillian Stevens and listed her fathers name as Herman N. Stevens (note the spelling of his last name). So her birth certificate indicated one name and Jeannette has gone by another name all her life.

In 1932 Jeannette became the 54th reported case of Polio in Tuscarawas Co. Ohio, only the 10th in New Philadelphia.

More About Jeannette Lillian Stephens:

High school graduation: 1947, New Philadelphia, Oh.
Occupation: Press Operator

iv. Kathleen Jean Wood, b. 18 April 1929, Dover, Ohio; d. 28 February 1998, West Palm Beach, Florida; m. Max L. Penrod, 16

November 1946, Greenup, Kentucky; b. 06 August 1921, Dover, Ohio; d. 29 March 1968, Dover, Ohio.

More About Kathleen Jean Wood: Burial 05 March 1998, Dover, Ohio

More About Max L. Penrod:Burial-Dover Burial Park, Dover, Ohio
Military service: WWII
Occupation: Molder
Resided: Dover, Oh.

v. Larry George Wood, b. 25 February 1940, Dover, Ohio; m. (1) Sherron Mosley, 25 February 1964, Dover, Ohio; m. (2)
Debbie Elaine Belknap, 04 May 1987; b. 25 February 1953.

19. RUSSELL EMERSON WOOD (GEORGE EMERSON, GEORGE EVEREST, SAMUEL, THOMAS,THOMAS, WILLIAM, THOMAS, WILLIAM, NICHOLAS) was born 03 August 1902, and died 18 March 1985 in Doctors Hospital, Massillon Ohio. He married (1) FRIEDA ? Aft. 1918. He met (2) CATHERINE CHRISTINE WEBER 1942. He married (3) ADA MALTERER Bef. 1954.

She was born 1911, and died 06 October 1957. He married (4) LILITH LEORA JERVIS between 1954 - 1956, daughter of FRANK JERVIS and MYRTLE LOVE. She was born 20 January 1913 in Follansbee, West Virginia, and died 24 October 1996 in Columbia Mercy Medical Center, Canton Ohio.


Russell married three times. His first wife was Frieda, his second wife was Ada Malterer and his third wife was Lilith.


Burial: Northlawn Cemetery, Stark Co., Canton, Ohio 330-494-0641
Occupation: 1956, E. W. Bliss Co. Canton, Ohio
Resided: 1985, 2422 Daleford Ave Canton, Oh.

Notes for FRIEDA ?: Frieda was Russell's first wife.

Notes for ADA MALTERER: Ada was Russell's second wife. She had previously been married and had one child,Charles.

More About ADA MALTERER: Burial- Dover Memorial Park, Tuscarawas Co., Dover Ohio

Notes for LILITH LEORA JERVIS: Lilith was Russell's third wife. When they married she already had four grown children.

More About LILITH LEORA JERVIS: Burial- Northlawn Cemetery, Stark Co., Canton, Ohio
Education: West Liberty State Teachers College
Honor or award: 1975, Canton City School Teacher of the Year
Occupation: Teacher 1947-1977

Child of RUSSELL WOOD and FRIEDA ? was:

i. Glenna Mae Wood, m. ? Forester.

More About Glenna Mae Wood:Resided 07 February 1985, Parma, Ohio


ii. John Joseph11 Weber, b. 1942, Unwed Mothers Home, Cleveland, Ohio; m. Ann ?.

More About John Joseph Weber: Residence: 2006, Leesville, Ohio

iii. James Kenny, b. Cleveland, Ohio. Edit Text