Wood Lineage from Sussex, England

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The Story of Samuel and Elizabeth

Samuel was born about 1782 in Buxted, Sussex, England. His father Thomas Wood married Sarah Skynner on February 23, 1780 in Buxted, Sussex, England.

Samuel was an agricultural laborer (farmer) when on June 29, 1817 at the St. Michaels Church in Withyham, Sussex, England he married Elizabeth. She was the daughter of John and Ann Everest and was born August 18, 1799 in Withyham.

It appears that Samuel & Elizabeth had eleven (11) children and at least four (4) were christened at St. Michael's; Elizabeth, John, Eliza & George.

The 1841 Ringmer Census was the last census listing any of the Samuel Wood Family. No records were found in Sussex in 1851 and the 1861 Ringmer and Fontmell Magna Census were also negative.

Researcher Dr. John Oliphant found a Samuel Wood, age 82 who died in the Ditchling Workhouse on December 21, 1865. Dr. Oliphant believes this to be our Samuel as the age would be correct and no other death record was found.

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