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The Love Lineage of Scotland, Northern Ireland and America

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Definition of the name "Love"

The name Love is said to have been originally used either as a baptismal name or as a nickname and to be later adopted as a surname.

In the earliest records seven or eight centuries ago, we find these forms of the name: Lupus, Loup, Luf, Lov and finally Love. True surnames, we are told, date back to around 1000 A.D. introduced from Normandy prior to the Norman Conquest, with Saxon forms prior to that date.

Families of this name were to be found in the early counties of Cambridge, Oxford, Buckingham, Sussex and Kent in England. Also in the counties of Ayr and Wighton, Scotland and many parts of Ireland.

Tradition says the original name in Scotland was " Mac Love". When our ancestors moved to Ireland they dropped the "Mac" so as to sound more like a Protestant name.

LOVE : The name Love relates not the tender passion that it indicates, but is an ancient Anglo-Saxon derivation
of the Old English (A-S) "Leof" or the French "Loup" for wolf.
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