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The Love Lineage of Scotland, Northern Ireland and America

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A Brief Family History

How we all got here...

Though we don't know the parents of George and his sister Nancy we do know this about the family Lineage.
Due to religious persecution in Scotland our ancestors moved into northern Ireland in the last half of the Seventeenth Century.  Thus our Scotch-Irish heritage.

We have been able to document our Loves back to 1791 when George Love, his wife Mary Isabella Smith and their seven children along with George's sister, Nancy, her husband Benjamin Anderson and their six children sailed from Ireland to New York.

These two families then traveled to Washington County, Pennsylvania where they purchased land. Records indicate there were Love's and Anderson's already living in the area and this may be why they decided on living in Washington County.

In 1800 George and family moved to Belmont County, Ohio where they bought a 160 acre farm two miles south of Shepherdstown, Belmont Co., Ohio.


Arms:   Vert, a lion rampant or charged on the
shoulder witha cross pathee gules.

Crest:  Out of a ducal coronet or, a cross
formee gules, thereon a bird or.