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Generation 2 of the Love Lineage
Generation 2

Generation 2 (Descendants of George Love)


2. CATHERINE3 LOVE (GEORGE2, ?1) She married JOSEPH HAVERFIELD Abt. 1817 in Wheeling Twp. Belmont Co. Ohio, son of JAMES HAVERFIELD and NANCY SMITH. He was born 28 April 1790 in Pennsylvania, and died 31 March 1852 in Cadiz Twp. Harrison Co. Ohio. 


Catherine was born in County Tyrone, Ireland and came to America with her parents in 1791. Her childhood home was on the farm at Shepherdstown, Ohio.
After Catherine, know as Katie, married Joseph Haverfield she moved to his farm located due west by four mile from Cadiz, Ohio. The farm consisted of 99 acres,in section 22, Range 4, Cadiz Township.
Catherine's mother Mary Isabella Died of Pneumonia while visiting Katie and had to be buried in Cadiz cemetery, instead of Crabapple cemetery the site of husbands remains, due to the fact that the roads were impassible. 


Marriage: Abt. 1817, Wheeling Twp. Belmont Co. Ohio 


    9. i. James H.4 Haverfield, b. 09 September 1817, Pennsylvania; d. 06 October 1882, Buena Vista, Chaffee Co., California.

    10. ii. Gillespie Haverfield, b. 14 November 1818; d. 17 March 1882.

    11. iii. Mary Ann Haverfield, b. 30 July 1824, Cadiz Twp. Harrison Co. Ohio; d. 1854.

    12. iv. George Love Haverfield, b. 21 October 1828, Cadiz Twp. Harrison Co. Ohio; d. 19 April 1901, Cadiz Twp. Harrison Co. Ohio.

    13. v. Isabel Haverfield, b. Abt. 1822, Cadiz Twp. Harrison Co. Ohio. 


    John Love

    3. JOHN3 LOVE (GEORGE2, ?1) was born 1774 in Tyrone Co. Ireland, and died 28 March 1862 in New Athens, Ohio. He married (1) MARY POLLY WHITE. She was born 1801, and died 11 September 1877. He married (2) MARY N. COOKE 1806, daughter of JAMES COOKE and NANCY MOORE. She was born 1786 in Tyrone Co. Ireland, and died 16 December 1830. 

    Notes for JOHN LOVE:

    John Love, eldest son of George and Mary was born about 1774 in Ireland. In 1807 John married Mary Cooke and by 1808 they moved to Athens Twp. Harrison Co. Oh. where they purchased 260 acres of land in section 4, Twp. 9, Range 5 for $1000.00.  
    The following quote from the Harrison Co. Commemorative Record summed up who John Love was: " He (John Love) early on identified himself with the Democratic party, in which he was a zealous worker and leader. By nature, endowed with native judgement and shrewd business qualifications, to which in mature years he added a wide range of experience and knowledge of men, he was well qualified to fill satisfactorily the many offices of trust and honor to which he was called. From early age he was a member of the United Presbyterian Church." 

    More About JOHN LOVE:

    Burial: Unity Cemetery, New Athens, Ohio

    Occupation: Farmer 

    Notes for MARY POLLY WHITE:

    Mary and John had no children. 


    More About MARY POLLY WHITE:

    Burial: Unity Cemetery, New Athens, Ohio 

    More About JOHN LOVE and MARY COOKE:

    Marriage: 1806 

    Children of JOHN LOVE and MARY COOKE are:

      14. i. Nancy4 Love, b. 10 May 1807; d. 12 August 1886.

      15. ii. George Love, b. 29 May 1810; d. 20 December 1880.

      16. iii. James Cook Love, b. 08 February 1814; d. 12 July 1876.

      17. iv. Thomas Love, b. 31 January 1820; d. 23 December 1893.

      18. v. Mary Love, b. 15 February 1825; d. 27 October 1886.

      19. vi. John Love, b. 22 July 1827. 

    Jane Love

    4. JANE3 LOVE (GEORGE2, ?1) was born 1780, and died Aft. 1860 in Belmont Co., Ohio. She married THOMAS GILLESPIE, JR. 1803 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania, son of THOMAS GILLESPIE. He was born June 1781 in County Tyrone, Ireland, and died 20 September 1849 in Wheeling Twp., Belmont Co., Ohio. 

    Notes for JANE LOVE:

    Jane was the eighth and last child of George and Mary Isabel. She too was born in County Tyrone, Ireland and came to America with her parents in 1791. She was raised on the family farm near Shepherdstown, Ohio until she married.

    Jane's ancestral home was still in the family as of 1960 in the name of Eleanor Gillespie McGrew, who was the Great Grand-daughter of Jane and Thomas Gillespie. 


    Marriage: 1803, Washington Co., Pennsylvania 

    Children of JANE LOVE and THOMAS GILLESPIE are:

      20. i. Eliza4 Gillespie.

      ii. Nancy Gillespie.

      21. iii. Isabelle Gillespie, b. 11 July 1804, Pennsylvania; d. 27 October 1892, Attitude, Monroe Co., Ohio.

      22. iv. George Love Gillespie, b. Abt. 1806, Pennsylvania; d. 04 February 1869, Monroe Co., Ohio.

      23. v. Mariah Gillespie, b. 30 November 1808, Pennsylvania; d. 07 February 1893.

      24. vi. John Gillespie, b. Abt. 1810, Pennsylvania.

      25. vii. Margaret Gillespie, b. Abt. 1810, Pennsylvania.

      26. viii. Jane Gillespie, b. 12 December 1817, Washington Co., Pennsylvania or Belmont Co., Ohio; d. 16 June 1881, Marion Twp., Noble Co., Ohio.

      27. ix. Thomas Gillespie, b. Abt. 1818, Cadiz, Ohio; d. 1895.

      28. x. Robert Gillespie, b. 1821, Ohio. 


Thomas Love, Sr.

5. THOMAS3 LOVE,SR. (GEORGE2, ?1) was born 1780 in County Tyrone, Ireland, and died 27 June 1821 in Atlantic Ocean. He married ELIZA MCDOWELL 1818. She was born 1798, and died 23 May 1880. 

Notes for THOMAS LOVE,SR.:

Thomas, third son of George and Mary Isabella Love, was born in County Tyrone, Ireland. He had three brothers and three sisters. Thomas came to the United States with his parents in 1791 as a child. The family arrived in New York harbor where they remained for a short period of time prior to beginning their overland journey to their new home in Washington County, Pa. In 1800 the family moved to Belmont Co. Ohio, where George and Mary bought a farm between Shepherdstown and Fairpoint, Ohio. Thomas Sr. was a farmer and merchant trader. He plied boats down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers carrying goods and produce to New Orleans. It has been said that he returned home to Belmont Co. from New Orleans "on foot" three times. One of the last acts of his life was the shipping of two boats loads with goods and produce from Wheeling WVa. After selling the goods, produce and boats in New Orleans he booked passage to Philadelphia, Pa. via the Atlantic Ocean. But his wife and children were never to see him again because he contracted Yellow Fever and died in passage June 27,1821 and him body was buried "in the briny deep".
Thomas was a man of excellent business habits and took a deep interest in the affairs of church and of state.  Unity Cemetery records conflict with the date Thomas came to America.  Those records state he came to America in 1810. 


Burial: At Sea 


Eliza and her second husband Charles had no children. 



Marriage: 1818 


    i. Matilda Jane4 Love, b. Ireland; d. 08 May 1820, Ireland.

    29. ii. Rev. Thomas Love, Jr., D.D., b. 19 May 1821; d. 02 March 1911, Fairpoint, Ohio. 


George Love II

6. GEORGE3 LOVE II (GEORGE2, ?1) was born 1787 in Tyrone Co. Ireland, and died 21 February 1829. He married MARY MOORE 17 April 1822 in Belmont Co., Ohio, daughter of JOHN MOORE and MARY SMITH. She was born 1803, and died 09 December 1863. 


George II is buried next to his father George I. 

Captain George Love II served under General Harrison in Northwest Ohio. George II lived on a farm two miles south of Shepherdstown Ohio, on the Fairpoint road. This was the original George I farm where they settled on coming to Ohio in 1800. This farm of 160 acres is located in section 15, Township8, Range 4, Belmont Co. Ohio two miles south of Shepherdstown. After George died the farm was sold. His wife Mary Moore kept her dower right. Her Mother Isabella, owned 29 acres of this farm by inheritance from her husband George I. 


Burial: Crabapple Cemetery, New Athens, Ohio

Emigration: 1791

Military service: 1812, Officer in War of 1812

Occupation: Farmer 


Marriage: 17 April 1822, Belmont Co., Ohio 

Children of GEORGE LOVE and MARY MOORE are:

    30. i. Thomas Smith4 Love, b. 23 July 1823, Fairport, Ohio; d. 28 June 1908, Patterson, Madison Co., Iowa.

    ii. John M. Love, b. 13 April 1825; d. 17 October 1861, Madison Co., Iowa. 

    Notes for John M. Love:

    John died a young man. Date of death has not been located. 


    More About John M. Love:

    Occupation: Carpenter 

    31. iii. George Love III, b. 14 August 1827; d. 09 February 1910. 


William Love


7. WILLIAM3 LOVE (GEORGE2, ?1) was born Bet. 1790 - 1800 in County Tyrone, Ireland, and died 19 March 1875 in Lawrence Twp., Washington Co., Ohio. He married (1) ROSANNA MITCHELL. She was born Abt. 1790, and died 1864 in Washington Co., Ohio. He married (2) MERCY WOOD 27 August 1865 in Washington Co., Ohio, daughter of LEVI WOOD and PHEBEE ?. She was born Bet. 07 December 1821 - 1823 in New York or Virginia, and died 27 March 1898 in Heslop, Washington Co., Ohio. 


William, the fourth son of George and Mary Isabella came to America with his parents in 1791. Traveling on the sailing vessel was Rosanna (Rosey) Mitchell, whom William would marry. Once on his own, William first settled in Harrison Co. where he purchased a farm four miles south of Bellaire, Ohio. He lived there twenty-five years or more. All but his two youngest children were born there. William eventually sold the farm and moved to Noble County. At Mt. Ephraim he purchased another farm. On this farm the two youngest children were born. All the children except the two youngest were married on this farm. Again, William sold his farm and moved. This time to WashingtonCounty, near Carrollton, Ohio where he purchased 320 acres. William gave John, Hugh and William forty acres each. Civil War broke out and the last son at home, Robert, enlisted. In 1864 Rosanna died and William made his home with his children for years after that. He had ten children total and was treated well by all of them. William eventually remarried and in 1877 he died suddenly. William was well spoken of. He was a kind neighbor, honest and upright in all his dealings. He had excellent health, a very intelligent man, skilled reader and well posted on church and politics of the day. He was a great pacifist , a devout Christian and member of the United Presbyterian Church. People from near and far went to Him for spiritual and family advise. An unkind word was never spoken against him. 


Census: 1860, Liberty Twp, Washington Co., Ohio

Occupation: Farmer

Residence: 1870, Lawrence Twp., Washington Co., Ohio 


Marriage: 27 August 1865, Washington Co., Ohio 


    32. i. John4 Love, b. May 1818, Belmont Co., Ohio; d. 20 October 1912, Liberty Twp, Washington Co., Ohio.

    33. ii. James F. Love, b. April 1820, Belmont Co., Ohio.

    34. iii. George Love, b. 19 March 1822, Belmont Co., Ohio; d. 13 April 1901, Hoskinsville, Noble Co., Ohio.

    35. iv. Thomas Love, b. 1824; d. 06 March 1863, Carthage, Tennessee.

    36. v. Mary Jane Love, b. Abt. 1826.

    37. vi. William Love, b. 25 December 1828, Belmont Co., Ohio; d. 27 January 1918, Noble Twp., Noble Co., Ohio.

    38. vii. Hugh McGee Love, b. 15 July 1832, Belmont Co., Ohio; d. 29 April 1910, Waterford Twp., Washington Co., Ohio.

    39. viii. Joseph Love, b. 15 May 1833, Belmont Co., Ohio; d. 16 January 1913, Flag, Elk Twp., Noble Co., Ohio.

    40. ix. Robert Love, b. 16 September 1837, Mt. Ephriam, Guernsey Co., Ohio; d. 05 April 1912, Pleasant City, Guernsey Co., Ohio.

    41. x. Isabelle Love, b. 1841, Mt. Ephriam, Guernsey Co., Ohio. 


    Mary Love


    8. MARY3 LOVE (GEORGE2, ?1) was born Bef. 1794. She married JACOB MORGAN 07 March 1816 in Belmont Co., Ohio.  

    Notes for MARY LOVE:

    Mary Love was the fifth child of George and Mary Isabella. She came to America with her parents in 1791. Mary lived with her parents in Shepherdstown, Ohio until she married Jacob Morgan. Mary and Jacob had Eleven Children. They lived in Noble County, Ohio. 

    More About JACOB MORGAN and MARY LOVE:

    Marriage: 07 March 1816, Belmont Co., Ohio 

    Children of MARY LOVE and JACOB MORGAN are:

      i. Thomas4 Morgan, b. 08 November 1816.

      42. ii. Isabel Morgan, b. 01 May 1818.

      43. iii. Susan Morgan, b. 23 February 1820.

      44. iv. George G. Morgan, b. 12 February 1822.

      45. v. James Morgan, b. 24 July 1825.

      vi. Jane Morgan, b. 27 August 1827; m. John Paterson.

      46. vii. William Morgan, b. 19 March 1829.

      47. viii. Catherine Morgan, b. 14 March 1831.

      ix. John Morgan, b. 11 March 1834.

      48. x. Joseph Morgan, b. 06 June 1836.

      xi. Mary Morgan, b. 15 July 1839.