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Generation 1

George Love (Generation 1)

1. GEORGE2 LOVE (?1) was born 1748 in Tyrone Co. Ireland, and died 23 April 1824 in New Athens, Ohio. He married MARY ISABELLA SMITH.  

Notes for GEORGE LOVE:

The "Love" family's origin has been traced back to Scotland where due to religious persecution the family moved into northern Ireland in the last half of the Seventeenth Century.  

They were Calvinists and Presbyterians almost to a man and suffered much for their faith. 

We pickup there journey in 1791 when George Love and his wife Mary Isabella Smith set sail for America. After a rough voyage they arrive in the port of New York where they remain for a short time. Accompanying them on their migration is George's sister Nancy and her husband Benjamin Anderson along with each couples respective children. 

George and Mary had Eight children, all born in Ireland. Seven children traveled to America : John,George, Thomas, William, Mary, Catherine and Jane. It's assumed that the remaining daughter died in Ireland. 

Nancy and Benjamin and six children: William, Benjamin, Jane (each married in Ireland), Thomas, George and the sixth child, who died during the passage to America. 

From New York they traveled to Washington Co. Pa. Benjamin and Nancy bought a farm of two different tracts near Washington, Pa. totalling 100 acres on Brush Run at the Southwest corner of Hopewell Township for 75 pounds cash on January 8, 1791. The land was procured from the Government by Edward Anderson, possible a cousin. 

Records show there were Loves and Andersons in Washington, Pa. prior to 1790. Perhaps this had something to do our ancestors settlement there. 

Our emigrant ancestors came to America at a time when roads were either bridle paths or a passage scarcely sufficient for a wagon. Large portions of land were covered in forest. There were few grist mills and saw mills. The spinning wheel and hand loom fashioned there clothing. Log cabins built of unhewed logs with a big chimney made of clay provided shelter. 

In 1800 George and Isabella moved to Belmont Co. Oh. where they bought a farm of 160 acres, two miles south of Shepherdstown, Oh. 

George possessed a mild temperament but was determined when necessary. He was oftened called the peace-maker among his own kinder. A Presbyterian and successful farmer his wife was a Seceder of a very strict religious belief.  




Burial: Crabapple Cemetery, New Athens, Ohio

Military service: Revolutionary War & War of 1812 


Isabel was buried in the Cadiz, Ohio cemetery rather than Crabapple cemetery where her husband Geroge was buried because the weather was too severe to transport her from Cadiz to the location of the crabapple cemetery which was two miles south of New Athens. 



Burial: Cadiz Cemetery,Cadiz, Ohio 

Children of GEORGE LOVE and MARY SMITH are:

    2. i. Catherine3 Love.

    3. ii. John Love, b. 1774, Tyrone Co. Ireland; d. 28 March 1862, New Athens, Ohio.

    4. iii. Jane Love, b. 1780; d. Aft. 1860, Belmont Co., Ohio.

    5. iv. Thomas Love,Sr., b. 1780, County Tyrone, Ireland; d. 27 June 1821, Atlantic Ocean.

    6. v. George Love II, b. 1787, Tyrone Co. Ireland; d. 21 February 1829.

    7. vi. William Love, b. Bet. 1790 - 1800, County Tyrone, Ireland; d. 19 March 1875, Lawrence Twp., Washington Co., Ohio.

    8. vii. Mary Love, b. Bef. 1794.